We explore a wide variety of techniques including fine art techniques such as drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, ceramics and handicrafts such as jewellery making, macrame, batik, tie dye and mosaic. Whilst the main focus is on fine art disciplines, we also feel it is important to incorporate an element of sculpture and handicraft techniques so students are offered a broad selection of skills. Aside from students learning some great art methods, we are big on making sure they are having fun and are able to express their creativity and individuality in a nurturing environment. We run five different programs for children aged between 2-14 years old, with programs suitable for all skills levels. 

  • Budding Artists - 5-7 years old (prep- grade 1)

  • Emerging artists- 7-10 years old (grade 2-4)

  • Tween Artists - 10-12 years old (grade 5 & 6)

  • Teen Artists - 12-16 years old (year 7- 10)